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Rochelle Caudill

“Before I encountered Brian D. Wiggs homes I was looking for a reliable, honest, and BBB Rated homebuilder. I knew what I wanted and had really done my research, getting bids from four separate contractors and Brian D. Wiggs Homes stood out. His team is highly organized and professional. After the completion of the project, Brian and his team have been right there to address all my needs. The experience was excellent! I recommend Brian D. Wiggs Homes to my network and anyone looking for a homebuilder.”


Kenny and Miranda Smith

“We were mainly looking for a homebuilder that was trustworthy before we ran across Brian D. Wiggs Homes at ‘The Parade of Homes’. Brian and all his family were there and they were incredibly kind. Our meetings with Brian D. Wiggs Homes were very pleasurable throughout the homebuilding process. We always looked forward to hearing good news and the positivity his team brought. Brian’s team made sure that all our questions were answered and took the time to field our crazy ideas. We would do it all over again. Take it from somebody who has had a bad homebuilder experience and knows... before you talk to anybody else go talk to Brian D Wiggs Homes.”


Henry and Milli Smith

“Integrity, experience and reputation were required traits for any homebuilder that was going to build our new home. What attracted us to Brian D. Wiggs Homes initially was the high level of professionalism that Brian and his team exhibit. The WHOLE experience was excellent. Give Brain a call!”


Rodney and Pamela Mitchell

"We had already looked at many new homes and wanted to build a home that would be our own. We knew that we wanted it built by someone with a respectable reputation. My favorite memory from the process was the designing and planning phase. It was really something to see plans and blueprints coming back from the loose ideas we would throw out during our meetings together. The overall experience of building a home with Brian D. Wiggs Homes was excellent. I would encourage anyone looking for a home builder to sit down with Brian and his team.”


Jim Chin

“I wanted a home builder who would provide the least amount of aggravation as possible, have a proven track record, and would work with integrity. I remember sitting down with Brian and his team for the first time and getting the sense of how easy he made the process seem from the start. They were outstanding and from that point on it was very smooth and agreeable as they led us through the designing and planning phases, making decisions during the building process, and the final touches and follow up after moving in. The finished project was of even better quality than I had expected. If you want to build a high-quality home with little or no aggravation, you need to sit down with Brian D. Wiggs Homes.”


Josh and Shawna Robinson

"When we first set out to build our dream home, we knew that our builder would have to be someone who could take care of almost everything as our schedules are very full and our involvement in the process would have to be minimal. We knew when we walked in his Parade Home that it was the one, we even returned to look at it a second time. The design was spot on for what we were wanting and the way he finished the home really impressed us and Grace was amazing in making all the interior design choices easy for us by providing us with several options that all fit within our budget. We definitely recommend Brian D. Wiggs Homes to anyone considering using his services. They make it all so EASY!”