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There are a lot of practical pieces that must be in place to provide the best custom home builder Tulsa experience. One of them is strong relationships. It starts with partnering with other small businesses that share those values and back me up with their fine work. They must be reliable and diligent and care more than the next guy. I want each and every worker on my homesites to be proud of their workmanship. It’s true for everyone who steps on site, but it doesn’t take long to discover those who don’t share the desire for excellence and they are quickly on their way to somewhere else. It takes over 350 different individuals to build a house the way I do as a custom home builder Tulsa. And even though I’d like to, I cannot watch and micromanage each stroke of the brush, each saw cut and each tightened fitting. But I can search out the kind of people who clearly want their work to be immaculate – the ones who want to be successful and who share in my love of Integrity. One of the keys to building a fine home is to have fine people building it and maintaining long term relationships with those people.

Designing a home is another very interesting piece of the home puzzle. Form and function are not new concepts. They are not new words. We know that combining the right amount of that form and function, that style and taste, that cost and durability is what makes the new house fit you and your family. It’s like my grandfather told me and I have told my granddaughter….”That’s the name of the game”! There is a difference in quality and you have to understand that difference with knowledge and experience. The kind of paint that goes on the wood is important, but not as important as preparing the wood to receive the paint. The strength of concrete is highly important, but not as important as the foundation of soil under it. Concrete on its own is hard, but not very strong, in fact not strong at all. It must have other proper ingredients of steel and soil compaction and be formed correctly and be the right temperature and have the right amount of water. There are plenty of builders who either don’t know or don’t care about these things. This attention to detail costs more and no one can see the difference immediately. But I do see the difference. I believe the difference is the very thing that makes me a homebuilder. I build homes; there are some that only assemble houses. There’s a big difference.

Let’s talk about mistakes. It’s easy to leave this part out, but here goes. Every house is full of mistakes and full of frustrations. Homebuilding is simply manufacturing outdoors – in the rain, in the sun, in the cold, and in the hot windy air of Oklahoma. It’s all done with real people, real custom home builder Tulsa – people who have families, bills to pay, kids that are having a hard time finding their way, babies that are being born, parents that are dying, and people who are eating fast food as their main diet. So yeah, mistakes are made. But it’s not about the mistakes. It’s about what to do when they occur. It’s about knowing how to spot them before they become too difficult or very expensive to correct. It’s about building a culture where it’s okay to make a mistake and call yourself out. No penalties at Brian D. Wiggs for calling in and saying I made a mistake. Okay, let’s fix it. A mistake is not a sign of someone not caring, it’s a sign of someone being human.

Prior to starting this company with my wife, we had been in a partnership with another guy and I was frustrated because the environment was too boxed in. I wanted to be more of a creative thinker and think bigger. At the same time I wanted to be highly involved in each step of the process so the final product and experience for the client would be first rate. Custom Home Builder Tulsa has a one day move in but there’s a two year process that leads up to it. And the experience can ruin the “move in” day. To accomplish this, my wife and I decided that we would start a family company that built just a few homes that we could really be a part of. Our dream quickly outgrew us. But the concept of being with the people and walking with them through their dreaming and discussing remained and it became more and more popular for our clients. As we tried to keep pace with the growing dream, we also began to see the hurdles that everyone faces when they try to build a dream home and we started building systems to help with that process. Everyone has those pain points and we found that a lot of those pain points were very similar and we could pre-plan to avoid them, helping us to become one of the Custom Home Builder Tulsa has to offer.

What were you doing before you started with Brian D Wiggs Homes Custom Home Builder Tulsa? Erin Deweese – I worked in Sales for a couple companies and was a Sales Manager for a tool distributor and a wood distributor. I was there for about 10 years. While there I learned about logistics and how to be a sales consultant as well as understanding the supply chain in the construction industry. I also got the opportunity to work on several strong teams as a Custom Home Builder Tulsa. We got to work on the big things like, company culture and building systems into the company to add structure and repeatability. I really enjoyed working with different people and seeing different points of view. There’s nothing quite like a team of people coming together to achieve something that makes a difference in the company and improves the lives of everyone involved. I enjoyed seeing people from different departments bringing their expertise to the table, however, we were all surprised about how little perspective we had because we were so used to just looking at things through our own point of view. As we built trust between each department, we were able to take the company to the next level. This is what has helped us become one of the best Custom Home Builder Tulsa has to offer.