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What makes Brian D Wiggs Homes different and better? We start with the end in mind. We start with checking the soils beneath the foundation to see if they are suitable. We have the interior designer sitting at the table from day one to think about how’s the furniture going to fit, where am I going to plug in my lamps and oh my God you cannot use that color! It’s common within the industry to have one person draw some house plans. And that is one way, actually only one way with one person’s thought. I prefer to have a team of people, each doing their job, each following their dream, architect’s for the form, engineer’s for the strength, designers for the beauty and  trade partners for the latest in efficiencies and materials.  

I grew up watching old westerns like “Wagon Train”. There was always trouble ahead for those pilgrims but the wagon boss always was able to get them through. At least the ones who would trust him to do his job. I often fell like that old wagon boss. I think of those who I want with me when the creek is rising and the cattle have scattered. Who can help me get these people safe? Who can I depend on, who has the diligence and guts to stay engaged and stay true. Those are the people I work with everyday and am constantly looking to find more of the same.   

When people come to me to talk abut buying a new home, they aren’t thinking about all the things in the above narrative, they just want to know can I trust you? Will you care about me and my family? Will you keep me in budget and get done on time. The answer is yes! The key is in knowing where we’re going and what the map says. We’ve been down the path before and we know there is a Clear and Proven Path. We make plans to follow that path, we schedule times to be at the right place at the right time on the path. We know what it costs to stay on the path. We have a clear and proven path and we have the knowledge, experience and Integrity to follow the path! 

Every trade partner, every certified and degreed professional, every crew boss that works on every Brian D Wiggs home share these values. It doesn’t take long to see it once you step on one of our job sites or walk into one of my homes. People say you can feel the difference. I think they’re right, I feel it every day! We are making dreams come true!