Over the years that we have been building homes, the characteristics of our ideal client have evolved. Although we work with many different clients with differing needs, we have discovered that our ideal client today is looking for a design/build firm that can help them bring their vision to reality. We ask our clients questions like, “What would a new home mean to you?” “How would a new home be different from your existing home?” “Who will live in and visit your home?” We do not build “Cookie Cutter” homes.

For instance, we have a client that we just recently finished a beautiful custom home for. It was about a two year process from vision to reality. We originally met with them to remodel an existing home, but after discussing their dream, realized that starting over and building a custom home was a better fit for them. Working with these clients was very enjoyable due to the fact that they were able to communicate their dream clearly and in great detail which made it so much simpler to provide them what they wanted. They had heard that we were the best Custom Home Builder Tulsa had to offer and they had a clear picture in their head and were able to communicate that picture to us. Although we are able to start with the abstract, it’s much quicker and simpler when our clients have a clear vision.

We were able to build a strong bond of trust with this client through this process. That communication and trust allowed all of us the opportunity to bring so much energy to the project because we weren’t getting bogged down with trying to figure out what we were doing and where we were going. This clear picture along with their ability to make decisions combined to make this project truly enjoyable for everyone involved. In fact, it was probably the clear vision that made the decision so much easier. This is what made their experience so wonderful with the most trusted Custom Home Builder Tulsa has to offer.

Today, the people that we are suited best for and match up best with are people that have already had a lot of success in their life. They are already really good at what they do. However, they have been very good at their thing, but not at my thing. They are willing to accept and trust “my thing”. They want a house that expresses who they are and they trust my thing will help them do exactly that. At the same time, I find the clients that I’m most drawn to and are drawn to me are the ones that are thinking about what their family looks like. Then they see how our family business works with all of our family members and it becomes “Good Families Helping Good Families”. Early in our experience we found that it takes a lot more than just caring about it. You have to create processes and systems to help you consistently produce a high quality product. Caring is wonderful, but it’s just one of the ingredients that goes into the process.

One recent homeowner that has become one of my all time favorites as well as a person was eager to be involved in every phase of our process. And sometimes behind the curtain it’s messier than you want people to know. She understood that and still wanted to participate. So we found ourselves trying to create a specific design on a wood floor and we were out in the shop with all the tools and sawdust and all the mess and over time we were able to work it out because we acted it out. Although I don’t recommend that for everyone, many times it’s in the “working out” of a thing that you discover the most creativity and those are the most fun. Its what makes the experience with Brian D Wiggs the best Custom Home Builder Tulsa has to offer. She was extremely thrilled with her home when she moved in but she was also quick to enjoy each of the steps as we went through the process even as we hit hurdles and challenges because she accepted that that was the way to create the dream. And if anyone tells you there won’t be hurdles and challenges they are lying to you.

One of the things I love most about my job is the ability to have an impact everyday. The best part of the job is handing the keys to the new home to the client and seeing the pure joy on their face. I love it and it never gets old! I remember a time when we were celebrating the completion of a new home with some clients and one of them broke down into tears because they were so blown away with what we were able to achieve together. At Brian D Wiggs Home, Custom Home Builder Tulsa, the only tears we want to see are these tears of joy!