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You don’t have to go very far in any direction to realize Jenks Oklahoma is growing and growing fast. You can literally feel the excavators as they move along and remove old worn out roads and infrastructure with a fast pace crew right behind laying new pipes and concrete. With each new addition the land in Jenks becomes more valuable. With each cubic yard of concrete poured the roads become more accessible. With each new tree planted (and we’re planting hundreds of trees), the City takes on more Beauty. Jenks has long been a quiet bedroom community, but it doesn’t take much analysis to realize it’s announcing itself as the new place to call home. Drive thru downtown and notice how the buildings are taking shape and how the new is blending with old. Drop by one of the many community events downtown and you’ll feel that small town friendliness that has been lost in so many of our larger cities. You are a part of something larger than yourself and something that makes you feel a little better about others. It’s hard to not smile with so many smiling around you. But where could you find a large estate lot within a bike ride of this great place? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Allow me to tell you a little more about the last few lots in this great neighborhood. The value of these lots is increasing every day. Jenks is in the heart of the Tulsa area and is surrounded by other growing communities. Land has become scarce and quickly gets picked up by developers and converted into smaller lots for smaller homes. Often these lots can be less than ¼ of an acre and your neighbors kitchen window may only be 10’ away (and I mean literally 10’ 0”). Go check out the Fountain Ridge Lots and notice how many of them are set back from the street further and provide more an estate feel. As you drive through you’ll be compelled to get out and touch the land, walk in the trees and if you’re strong hearted take walk back onto Lot 16 to edge of the rock bluff and imagine beauty of your home nestled into the trees and looking down into the natural areas below. You can stand there and give a shout out to the nearest neighbor, but they will not hear you, as it’s just too far for your voice to carry. The convenience of this area to all other parts of the Tulsa Metro area is phenomenal. 3 minutes to Jenks High School, 2 minutes to several fine restaurants. 2.5 minutes to Veterans Park and a trout fishing lake. Jump on the Creek Turnpike and you can be at the Tulsa Airport in 20 minutes or Downtown Tulsa in about the same amount of time. If you’re already a part of the Jenks community you’ll understand the value of these few remaining estate lots. If not, you’ll be charmed by this growing community and if you’re like I was when I started building homes in this area 25 years ago and have since moved my business and family (All 3 of my adult kids and their kids now live her in Jenks), you will feel a sense of community, a sense that this is someplace special and you’ll want to be a part of the future.

First, check out Lot 16, it’s long be my personal favorite. It can be developed into one of the most scenic home sites in the Tulsa Area. It will afford a sense of privacy, first from the gates at the entrance, but it is also surrounded by a natural grove of trees on 2 sides and some of the most scenic rock formations imaginable. It would be easy to miss what this lot offers without putting your feet on the ground and walking back to the edge of the back and picturing your pool extending out over the bluff that will set the tome for family parties and friend gatherings for years to come.
Lots 10 and 11 are sleepers and will require more imagination. They too are heavily wooded and are the perfect setting for a cottage in the woods. Each of these will require a deeper set back and a winding lane down to the house. These are not lots for the weak of heart or for the in experienced builder. They will take great creativity and understanding of how to create sculpture and beauty from the Oklahoma hillside. With the right creative team each of these ¾ acre lots will provide homesites beyond the less experienced imagination and are truly gems hidden in the heart of Jenks.

If you’ve been searching for a new home site and not found just the right place, you owe it to yourself and your family to check out Fountain Ridge. It is already established and has 22 families enjoying the community now. The entire area is well cared for and centers on a large grassy island where kids and grand kids and play within site of your front yard and be perfectly safe in this gated community.

I have 35 years experience building and designing custom homes thru out NE Oklahoma. I am a born and raised Oklahoman who loves building homes and contributing to the community around me. When you’re ready reach out to me by clicking on Contact Us and I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your home dreams and showing you how to make one of these lots your family estate.

The Brian D Wiggs team is a highly experienced group of individuals with a Clear Proven Path to the process of building and designing new homes. Brian started in construction a very early age and has shared his dream of building and designing custom homes with his family. Family has been a part of the dream since day one and the team members are all family members. When you work with us to Design and Build your Dream Home, you are working with us as a family. A family who cares and will treat your dreams with the utmost care. I will personally be working with you side by side to create the perfect dream house. Reach out and let’s start talking!