Brian D. Wiggs founded custom home builder Tulsa in 2004. For almost 20 years they have been making and building dreams. We specialize in designing new homes in remodeling. We do remarkable remodels, after living, luxurious, new homes, specialty rooms, beautiful bathrooms, and dream kitchens. You can always check out our website to see what projects we have. We can’t wait to build your dream home today so please contact us and let us get started. We have lots of lots available and cannot wait to talk to you.

Why would someone recommend custom home builder tulsa to family members? I would recommend these custom home builders in Tulsa because they are better. They start at the very beginning to make sure that every single part of the process is taken care of. We always keep you and your family in mind and we will always keep you a joke and make sure your project is done on time. Do you have a clear improvement path I will follow and we can’t wait to execute that pie and be able to get you the dream house that you deserve. Every single person who works on our stuff, shares the same values as we do.

What services does custom home builder Tulsa offer? We specialize in luxurious new homes and we do specialty rooms, dream kitchens, beautiful bathrooms, outdoor living and remarkable remodels. We have a whole team of people on your side when it comes to your home building process. We have one multiple word and I’ve been making people’s dreams come true for almost 20 years. We know that people make mistakes but what’s important is what they do to fix your mistakes. Please know that it’s all about how you fix it. Mistake is not a sign of somebody that just doesn’t care. It’s a sign of somebody being human and what matters is how they fix it.

We have plenty of builders who don’t know or care about attention to detail. And we believe it or not we can see that, but we definitely see the difference. This is what makes him stand out as a homebuilder we believe and building strong relationships. We start with partnering with other small businesses that share the same values that we do, and let it shine through their work. they have to be reliable and diligent care way more than the next guy does. If you want to work on the site, then you need to be proud of your workmanship. We have over 350 different individuals that are involved in building a house.

Visit us online at to see the projects we’ve done in the past, learn more about us, seem all right, clearly improve, pass, see what customers are saying about us anymore. You can feel a lot so we have available. You can call us at 918-518-5678 to get started on building your dream home today. We can make all your dreams come true.

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Brian D. Wiggs custom home builder Tulsa has been building houses for almost 20 years. He felt like Sherry, its Holmes, remarkable remodels, beautiful bathrooms, dream, catchers, specialty rooms and outdoor living. He offers incredible custom features as well that really make your home stand out. There’s lots of lots available in his won multiple awards. He has a clear proven Path that operates under the core values and instills a successful build each and every time.

How does custom home builder Tulsa work? In every home that is built and designed we always go over the first step in that first step is planning. Each new homeowner we offer a no-brainer offer of a no cost master contact plan that will go over dementias and potential set ups of your home. We then produce in conjunction with our beautiful team of architects and landscape architects that go over slopes, trees, drainage, and the best driveway that they could do. This is a unique service that we only offer available through us in our design team.

How does custom home builder Tulsa work continue? You will often hear that the foundation is the most important part which could be disappointing, but it is not the same as the most important points. The most important is planning without the property planning. The rest of the process is going to fail once you have plans you are not ready to build. You need to plan sterile plans in the schedule. This is an important part but it is not the first part of your building process.

The first thing we considered is how the house is located on the land or the lot. On a standard half acre lot nearly 60% of your land is buildable. You have to have a sidewalk and observe setting zoning requirements. These are all things that you need to know before you start on building your floor plan. Brian has over 30 years of custom home building And the first thing is you have to do your homework. We promise that we agree that this will be a good match for your help and design and build but the first thing we have to do is start the planning and look at news. It is the first step that is a zero cost to you.

You can visit us online at to see all of the projects we worked on before, see what clients have said about us in the past, and more. We have lots available, you can see all of our awards that we want and more. Call us 918-518-5678 to get your master plan design and start for no cost to you. We want to build you the home of your dreams. We can provide the best service when it comes to building a house. We can’t wait to work with you today and build your dream home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with us and experience over 30 years of custom home builder. This is where you want to go to get your dream home.. This is where do you want to go to get your dream home.