Custom Home Builder Tulsa is something that needs to be built from the ground up to be completely personalized to who is creating it. Your dream home is not the type of house that just needs to be assembled, it is the type of how that needs to be created. And that is exactly what we do at Brian D wig. We take everything into consideration whenever we are building these homes. We take the end result in mind, and make sure every single bass is covered. We also work with so many trusted people who have absolutely amazing reputations.

When getting a Custom Home Builder Tulsa , it is always remembered to take into account all I expect of your home from the ground up. Meaning you need to make sure not only that the way you’re building has a solid base, but also it is underneath that to make sure that you will not cause any long-term Foundation damage, or so that we are able to prepare for that and make sure it is taken care of. We also have the ability to ensure that your home will last 4 years to come. We also take more into account than just that though.

Anytime we are hired as a Custom Home Builder Tulsa , we also think about what’s coming up as well. We know that the Oklahoma weather can be something that is absolutely devastating, and making sure your house is able to last through them and endure them for Rounds on in is something we always want to do. We always bring on an engineer with every job to ensure that we run into no issues or any type of things that may cause long-term damage to your home as well. We want to make sure that your home will last for generations.

We not only have an engineer to have a part of every word of our meetings. But we also keep an interior designer involved with all aspects of the design too. She will be able to tell you the functionality of the designs that you were liking and be able to work them and ensure we are able to make them 100% possible. She is also able to give you other ideas for things you could do with areas that you just have no idea about yet. This could be you being able to tell yourself you can trust somebody who has you in mind the whole time.

We want to be the ones who are able to create your dream home. But whenever you’re building a dream home you want to go with the dream team. We had over 35 years of experience in this field. You can go on to our website at We have so many different things about us, different jobs and works we have done, homes we have built and awards we have won. Please give us a call at 918-518-5678 and we can answer any questions you have as well as get you a free master plan concept drawing.

Custom Home Builder Tulsa | Going With The People Who Care

Custom Home Builder Tulsa there’s something that you want to just leave two people who are putting together houses like they are Lego blocks. This is something you want the people who actually genuinely care about you and your entire family involved in. That is exactly what we do at Brian D Wiggs. We genuinely care about all aspects of your home and we take everything into consideration with everything we do. We want to ensure that you are completely and totally satisfied with all aspects of your home. This home is supposed to be built for you

We take so many things into consideration whenever we are Custom Home Builder Tulsa . We always ensure that we are getting the absolute most out of every one of our people by ensuring that we work with nothing but the best people around. We want to ensure that nobody is going into your home that is not going to perform other absolute best and make sure that this job is down to perfection. This is your home and we understand that. We want to make sure that you are able to enjoy your home for the rest of your life. We do not build houses, we build homes.

When you are trying to find a Custom Home Builder Tulsa , you don’t want to go with somebody who is not familiar with the area either. We have been doing this in the area for over 35 years. And in that time we have learned not only so much about what is required to build a long-standing house, but we have also built so many different relationships with the best providers of material and labor in the area. Nothing but the absolute best things will go into building your house. That is why we’re able to ensure your home’s integrity.

We’ve also won so many different Awards throughout the years for our amazing homes. We have won the 2020 builder of the year, 2020 remodeler of the year, 2020 first place Parade of Homes, as well as president of the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa. We have been doing this since 2004, and ever since then we have been winning awards. We got our first one in 2008 with the president’s home builder Association of Greater Tulsa. We then went on to win first place in the parade of homes in 2010 as well builder of the year.

We are able to brag about everything that we do and everything that we can Bride for you because we are the best. We want to ensure nothing but the absolute finest homes around. We have been doing it for years, and we want to be able to do it for you as well. You can always visit us on our website at We have so many different homes that we have created over the years, as well as customer testimonials. You can also give us a call anytime out 918-518-5678, and we will get you set up with a free master plan concept drawing.