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Objectively, we can say that the projects differ from the processes or operations because they are continuously repetitive, while the projects are temporary and unique. Temporary because every project has a definite beginning Custom Home Builder Tulsa and end. Unique because the product or service is, in some way, different from all products and services, even if in the same or similar area, Projects are created at all levels of the organization, in a single department of the company or outside its borders, as in joint ventures and partnerships. Often, projects represent critical components of companies’ business strategies.

Project Management helps organizations to meet the needs of their customers by standardizing routine tasks and reducing the number of those that could be overlooked. Project Management ensures that available resources are allocated in the most efficient and effective manner, allowing senior executives to understand what is going Custom Home Builder Tulsa on and where things are going within organizations. The term Project Management is sometimes used to describe an organizational approach to managing routine operations. This approach treats many aspects of routine operations as projects in order to apply Project Management techniques to them, which is also called project management.

Project Management is being applied in many industries today, from construction and information systems to healthcare, financial services, education, and training. With this expansion, the people who direct projects today have different professional and academic backgrounds and bring different levels of experience as Project Management practitioners. To prepare for the roles of the project manager or project team member, individuals must assimilate a basic understanding of the processes and areas of knowledge that are common to all projects.

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