If you’re looking for a top custom home builder Tulsa, then look no further than Brian D. Wiggs Homes Inc. At Brian D. Wiggs Homes Inc. we offer you custom home design and remodeling, allowing you to finally have that you have dreamt of since were a child or at least an adult who understands the importance of having a functioning home. We care about you and what you like, so we understand it can be difficult to choose a contractor. That’s why we offer a free concept master plan drawing for you before we even begin. This way you can know what we will do in trust that we know how to do it.

If you are wondering why you would come to Brian D. Wiggs Homes Inc. has a top custom home builder Tulsa, then we can explain. If you are simply looking for a remodel that you can trust and that provides you with luxury, then that reason enough. However, should you need more convincing you can rest assured we will provide it. That is because not only do we use a clear proven path to victory, but we do so together. Rather than other contracting companies that has one person draw up a plan and another person builder with no communication between the two, we Brian D. Wiggs Homes Inc. do differently. We have all of our team members work together during the concept drawing phase. This means that when our designer is planning the layout in the look our architect is making sure that things will actually work that way and not fall over. We also make sure that the land that will be built on is stable. We checked the topsoil and the loft to make sure that the house you want will work there.

As the top custom home builder Tulsa contractor, Brian D. Wiggs’s team can truly blow you away with their amazing teamwork and understanding of architecture and home design. So if you are looking for the absolute best and want to blow all your friends away then choose Brian D. Wiggs and his team. We can also take your backyard and turn it into a vacation spot. Instead of living in the side hot, depressing weather Tulsa, you can go to the Bahamas with our outdoor living skills. You can have a standing pool or an inground pool or both and beat the hot weather. Make your friends jealous today by living in a world of luxury.

We are truly the best when it comes to all things custom and remodeling. That is why you should call us. Because not only will we work with you we will work with each other to ensure that your dream home is a reality. You can have us draw your free custom master plan today and begin the steps to securing your luxury lifestyle. You have likely worked really hard to hold life, and you deserve to have a home that reflects that hardwork. So, if you choose Brian D. Wiggs to design your home, you will be choosing the best.

If you are interested in like more information, you can visit us at our website at https://briandwiggs.com/ on call us at (918) 518-5678. One of our team members would love to help you set up an appointment see you can begin constructing your dream home. Start living in luxury today.

What Are The Top Custom Home Builder Tulsa Designs To Pick?


Being the top custom home builder Tulsa, Brian D. Wiggs Homes Inc. is truly the best in the business. If you are interested in getting your house remodeled, a special design, your entire house custom made for you, then you have come to the right place. This is because we at Brian D. Wiggs Homes Inc. not only can do these things for you, but we can do so with efficiency and forethought. We work with you and each other to create the best home possible. You can get a free concept drawing today so you can get a feel for how we work.

If you are looking for the top custom home builder Tulsa contractor then you are in luck. We are the best contracting and homebuilding company in town. Being in Tulsa, we can not only understand the land that we build upon, but we can understand the weather patterns and the trends of fashion. This allows us to create your home in the very best way possible. All of our team members, including the designers and the architects, works together when we plan. This allows us to ensure that your house is not only aesthetic and pleasing to the eye but functional. Because you cannot only create a nice looking house, you have to make sure it actually works. And that is what we do.

As the top custom home builder Tulsa contractor, Brian D. Wiggs’s team use a proven clear path to victory. The plan involves 10 steps that lead to the initial construction. These 10 steps make sure that we plan for any contingencies that may arise and also allow us make sure everybody is on the same page. Our proven path to victory has 10 steps: consultation and inspiration, site planning, scheduling, topography testing, architectural floorplans, exterior will styling, interior design, the 3-D architecture, and finally actual construction. We Brian D. Wiggs’s team you will be getting the very best of the best before construction even begins. Since we do so much planning before we start, we avoid a lot of unnecessary spending and inconveniences. That way once we start construction it will not be long until you move into your new home.

We understand just how important efficiencies and materials are when creating your new house. Our architects and engineers work with our designers and trade partners. This creates not only sturdy for them and strength, but beauty and efficiency. Brian D. Wiggs up watching TV shows where the main character was not only diligent but reliable. That’s dependability stuck with until this day and that is what you strives to be. That is why would you choose Brian D. Wiggs Homes Inc. to create your custom luxury house, you are choosing a man with integrity. So come to Brian D. Wiggs Homes Inc. today and begin your free consultation appointment.

If you are interested and would like more information you can visit us at https://briandwiggs.com/ or call us at (918) 518-5678. We cannot wait to start working with you and build your new, custom and luxurious home. You can call us because you know that we are the best. We are the best because we care and we do more work than others.